Webathon 2.0

Oct 27, 2017




On 26th October 2017, a competition was held in Computer Engineering Department, namely, WEBATHON 2.0, which included participants from Poornima Foundation. WEBATHON 2.0 was organized by a student-driven club CODIUM. Earlier in the day, an inauguration ceremony was held in the Arbuda Convention Center and later a website designing contest was held in the department premises. 

The Inauguration ceremony included the lights of Dr. Ajay Kumar Bansal (Campus Director, PIET), Dr. Gautam Singh (Chief Proctor & Registrar, PIET) which commenced at 10:00 AM. Along with the dignitaries and participants, the students from Computer Engineering Department were also present in the inauguration ceremony. In the ceremony, CODIUM club discussed their mission, vision, and future plans. The inauguration ceremony turned out to be a huge success as the future activities showcased by the club enthralled the students. 

At 11:00 AM, the competition WEBATHON 2.0 initiated in MS-08, MS-11(B), MS-11(C) and MS-12. The competition was powered by GENSUS EDUTAINERS, WeDigTech (P) Limited and Computer Engineering Department, PIET. 

The competition required the participants to code a website of their own choice in four hours of time. This was the second round of the whole competition. Earlier 60 teams get themselves registered, out of which 20 teams were shortlisted from round 1 on 14th October 2017 in which the participants submitted the User Interface (UI) designs of their website from the three given themes (PORTFOLIO, E-COMMERCE, TOUR & TRAVEL). In the competition, the participants were provided with two computers per team (with Internet Connection) and refreshments for every member of each team present. 

The winners of the competition will be declared soon but the confirmed prizes of the competition are as follows: 

Winner team - Rs. 2000, 1st Runner-Up team – Rs. 1000 and 2nd Runner-Up team - Rs. 500. Apart from the prize money, every participant qualified and present for the second round of WEBATHON 2.0 was awarded a participation certificate. 

The competition ended at 3:00 PM with which a new initiative from Poornima Foundation completed their first step to glory.

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