Structure of an IT Industry, Project Management & Business Analyst

Jan 21, 2018

On 20th January 2018, a session was held in Arbuda Convention Center, which included students from Poornima Foundation. The session was organized by a student-driven club CODIUM. The gathering included the lights of Dr. Ajay Kumar Bansal (Campus Director, PIET), Dr. Gautam Singh (Chief Proctor & Registrar, PIET) which commenced at 10:00 AM. Along with the dignitaries, the students from Computer Science and Information Technology Department were also present. 

In the session, the guest speakers were Mr. Sumit Srivastawa, Founder and Enabler, Gensus Edutainers and Ms. Chandni Babbar, Senior Technical Consultant, Appirio. Mr. Sumit Srivastawa discussed what importance the following session for the future engineers holds and how it will help them develop. The session then focused on "Project Management, Structure of an IT company and Business Analysis". The chief speaker, Ms. Chandni Babbar, explained how necessary individual growth is and how an individual grows through in a corporate environment. She also discussed how analyzing business strategies evolves the mindset of a professional.

The session ended with a vote of thanks from the coordinator of Codium club, Mst. Parth Saxena. The session was extremely jubilant and interactive which led to the enlightenment of students of Computer Science and IT department of Poornima Foundation.

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